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Winter Update

ITS is pleased to report that as of January 31,  2021, we have completed six Move Events (MEs). This successful migration places total production move event progress at 6 of 12 migration events complete.   
Project Genesis Taking UCR to Infin-IT & Beyond

Project Genesis is Laying the Groundwork for UCR's Digital Transformation

How Project Genesis is future-proofing learning, working, and research at UCR.

Summer Update

ITS is pleased to report that as of June 27, 2020, we have completed three production application Move Events (MEs). The successful migration of production applications to the new colocation data center facility in Irvine, CA, has verified our procedures and given the team confidence to increase the size of future MEs.
What's in a Move Event

What's in a Move Event?

Information Technology Solutions (ITS) has successfully completed the first Production Move Event (ME-01), with the next event (ME-02) scheduled to take place at the end of May. Now that we have entered the final and most intensive stage of Project Genesis, whereby production applications are carefully migrated to and configured in the new Cyxtera LAX3...

Spring Update

ITS has successfully accomplished Cyxtera LAX3 Data Center setup and four (4) move events, totaling approximately 40 applications. Operational priorities have shifted to supporting remote working and teaching in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring that faculty and students have a viable and reliable online learning environment during this unprecedented time has become ITS’ absolute...
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Project Genesis Takes Another Step Forward

With a new year underway, UCR Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is pleased to announce that Project Genesis is making significant headway towards project completion. ITS began the process of moving critical data center infrastructure to a new leading-edge facility in the summer of 2019. The decision was prompted by UCR Information Technology Executive Governance (ITEG)...
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Electrical Switches

Someone grab a flashlight

Did you know that the UC Riverside campus has just one substation serving electrical power to the campus? Because of this, when a problem occurs with our primary power supply it can create significant problems for UCR data center operations. After the campus experienced a series of power issues in October 2018, which negatively impacted...
Data Center

Benefits of Cyxtera OC2 Data Center

Cyxtera OC2 Data Center is a world-class "colocation" data center facility located in Irvine, CA. After a thorough review, the location was selected due to its features and proximity to campus. Additionally, it is already occupied by other UC campus entities and has proven to be a reliable and safe location. Some of the key...
Data Jacks

Introducing Project Genesis

We’re living in a world where effective data management is core to our success in higher education and beyond. At UC Riverside, our data powers our systems, software, and applications that support teaching, learning and research that impacts our local communities and the world. As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, there are...