Project Completed!

As of Summer 2022, Project Genesis is complete. Watch the video below to learn how this effort benefits UC Riverside.

Better data management to support teaching, learning, and research at UC Riverside.

Key Benefits:

Reliability: Clean rooms, redundant cooling, fire suppression, electrical infrastructure, and redundant communication systems with around-the-clock monitoring to ensure a constant connection.


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Speed: Cost-effective and fast connections directly to multiple internet service providers to ensure top performance and redundancy in the event of a connection interruption or overload.


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Cost and Space Savings: Investing in equipment and measures to upgrade and implement similar systems in-house requires a significant amount of capex and space; which could be potentially repurposed for other needs.


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Scalability: Flexibility to scale our data operations up or down easily, while only paying for power, space, and support as needed.



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Security: Special design features such as key card readers, locked cages and 24-7 surveillance to ensure that systems are protected from any issues that may compromise equipment and information security.


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Redundancy: At least one independent backup component (N+1) and often more, to key infrastructure at all times, such as utility power, cooling, bandwidth and, networking.


Genesis photo collage May 19

As we embrace the change needed to improve upon our data infrastructure at UCR, we invite you to check back often to follow our shared progress. For questions related to Project Genesis, please email Thank you for your support.