Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a data center?

    A data center is a facility that an organization uses to store, manage, and disseminate business-critical applications and information. Data center equipment such as storage systems, servers, routers, switches, etc. helps the IT organization with managing critical systems that are vital to the continuous operation of the institution. Because of this, the security, efficiency, reliability, speed, etc. of a data center are a critical priority to a university like ours.

  • Why are we moving to a new data center?

    There are multiple reasons for upgrading our data center operations including concerns with aging infrastructure in the existing data center, reliability of electrical power supply, long-term costs to improve and maintain the existing facility, ability to scale operations up or down as needed, security features, speed of connections, and more.  Moving to a new data center facility will provide UCR with greater reliability, speed, cost and space savings, security, redundancy, and scalability, while also increasing our ability to utilize cloud computing offerings such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. 

  • What will happen to the existing data center?

    Information Technology Solutions is conducting an internal assessment and will also bring in a 3rd party company to provide a professional assessment to recommend how the space can be revitalized and potentially repurposed to better serve the long-term needs of the campus. 

  • How will this data center move impact me?

    Project Genesis is being carefully planned an executed to minimize disruption to campus operations. As part of the process, there may be brief migration windows where some campus services will be temporarily unavailable. The timing of system move groups is being carefully considered with campus partners to be sensitive to the impact on campus operations. Multiple notifications and reminders will be sent to campus leading up to any planned downtime events. 

  • Why did we choose Cyxtera for our new data center?

    Cyxtera OC2 Data Center is a world-class "colocation" data center facility located in Irvine, CA. After a thorough review, the location was selected due to its offerings and proximity to campus. Additionally, their data center is already occupied by other UC entities and has proven to be a reliable and safe location. 

  • Are campus jobs being outsourced because of this project?

    The purpose of Project Genesis is not to replace existing ITS jobs and positions are not being outsourced. In fact, current ITS staff will monitor and upkeep the data center in its new location and will also have a renewed focus on research computing efforts on campus. 

  • How long will it take to move to the new data center?

    After the initial assessment and purchase of equipment, the estimated time to complete the move is 18 months. The project is slated to close in Fall of 2020.  Please see the project updates page for a high-level timeline and key milestones.

  • Who made the decision to move to a new data center?

    The decision to initiate Project Genesis was made by UCR IT Executive Governance (ITEG) and Information Technology Solutions leadership. The Executive Sponsors of Project Genesis are Thomas Smith, Interim Provost & EVC, and Gerry Bomotti, Vice Chancellor & CFO. For additional details about the Executive Sponsors, Steering Committee and Project Teams please visit the Project Team page.

  • Who should I contact if I have any questions?

    For questions related to Project Genesis, please email

    For general technical support, please email